Friday, September 5, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Enthusiastic toddlers making a fathers day special gift.

* Doctors appointments landed on the same day that it is needed

* Family returning from overseas

* Time to catch up on the travel news with my sister

* Yummy perfume gifts

* Sunshine on a cloudy day

* Smiling babies that steal the show

* Leading parents in a dedication service

* Seeing my daughter and husband run together

* The dedication to get back on the bike and ride- husband not me!

* Fashion bargains waiting to be scooped up

* Restful nights sleep

* No more soccer training

* Night time prayers

#753 Loud radio playing when solo in the car

My other lists are here.

Let me know if you are joining me, in the comments and I will pop over and say hello.



  1. I always enjoy reading your lists:) Family coming home and sweet perfume gifts are lovely aren't they:) Yeah for no more soccer training and good nights sleep. Have a beautiful Saturday. xxxx

  2. Loud music - ahhh love it too! Hope you have a great weekend Bron xx

  3. Number two made me smile Bron ;)

  4. beautiful list and I love how you stop to record it each week xx


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