Friday, September 26, 2014

These Days of Ours....

...have been filled with....

Extra dance classes in preparation for end of year performances

Minis fetes at school to fund raise for playground equipment

Changes at our church that have been weighty to adapt too

Hosting grandparents at playgroup this week resulting in 250 coming through our doors

Making plans for the school holidays ....but not having too many outrageous expectations

Talking with old friends on the phone making plans to catch up soon

Booking plane rides to make the catch ups happen

Trying to find a rhythm for getting daily chores done when everyone is tired

Printing of resumes to snag a part time job

Arranging after school play dates

Having coffee dates with peeps

Trying to stay in touch with friends who need encouraging

Noticing the common daisy is providing some much needed spring colour in the garden

Organising carpenter quotes to get our house reinforced

Ordering books from the library to read over the holidays

I have spent time wishing I could be here in this space more often

Watching "The Bachelor" with my teen....oh I know....

Loving the beautiful spring days and not so loving the flash storms that breeze through

Giving our nine year old a little more responsibility

Some of our days seem tough, some seem filled with stuff, places to be...always places to be....filled with expectations and deadlines, more lists to get through and no more hours to do them......

But they are our days.....recorded here for us to remember the season we are in....for as surely as we get our heads around this season....another will be pushing on in and turn every thing on it's head......

Trying to be thankful for our days and all that fill it's hours.

 #786 and counting towards my 1000 gifts



  1. It looks like your days are filled up with lots of busy things... It is funny how our lives ebb and flow with things to do and things that happen... I enjoy reading your lists of thankful things and I hope to join in soon... Life here has been busy prepping for the wedding and other things like life lol Have a great weekend xxx

  2. Wow,so many things. And 250 at playgroup! That is amazing.
    Hope your school holidays are a little bit relaxing.

  3. My yoga teacher has been away so I've been able to stay home on Thursday nights and watch my boys loving watching the Bachelor. Oh I know is right Bron! The conversations I've been having with Felix about how to treat partners when the time comes, my goodness! Am excited to hear about your plane bookings, that sounds fun. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday?? Take care xx


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