Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Spring Time

I know there is debate about whether this really is the beginning of Spring....

but there is definitely something in the air.....a change, a newness, 

that feeling that the days are going to bring more sunshine.....

with more sunshine there are changes in the way we live our lives.....what we do with our time and  what is popping up in the garden,

I think we are ready for some more sunshine in this house.......

Happy Spring to you. 


  1. Yay for more sunshine! I think our spirits have lifted just at the idea of it being spring ;) x

  2. Oh I do love Spring! We kicked it off with glorious warm weather yesterday...only to be thrust back into rain & cold temps today :/ Oh well, it always takes a little while to settle down at the change of seasons xo

  3. HURRAH FOR SPRING … we had 24 degrees on the first day as a special welcome to the new season … on the second day it was back to 16 degrees … ho hum!!


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