Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* A quiet library  with wifi to do some overtime.

* A passionate teen who is always planning the future

* A new coffee shop in walking distance that may just become a new go to

* Monday date days with my man

* Knowing from past will all get done

* Friends who text to check up and keep it real

* The most beautiful of Spring days to soak up

* The all clear on a skin check.... Now for the me to get it done too.

* Extremely funny texts from our teen hardly containing her excitement over Something silly

* Nice teen friends to hang out with

* The resources at my fingertips  to enable planning ...what did we do before Google and Pintrest????

* The successful and generous outcome of a Playgroup fundraiser

* The abundance of homegrown produce I have given away this week...eggs, lettuce, lemons and kale.

  #767 Our thoughts turning to making a holiday happen soon

My other lists are here.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful week was had. Dates with hubbies sound lovely, happy teens and holiday planning :) Have a wonderful weekend Bron. xxxx

  2. Love your list... Lots to comment on. Fresh produce - Yay! Yay for clear skin check! Pinterest is amazing for planning stuff for kids! Boo to over time but yay for the library. Coffee shop is good if they have good coffee! lol


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