Monday, February 9, 2015

Photo a day 33- 39/365 ( week 6 )

#33 Mail - Loving using this cute stationery I received at Christmas time

# 34  Flash thunderstorms gave us a little Water for the gardens.

#35 Is it bad to use food as a Reward?

#36 Something Blue - a gift 

# 37 A trip to the hairdressers always makes me smile

#38 Stripes - sewing elastic on new ballet shoes.

# 39 In my bag- way too much...essentials include..snacks for anyone hungry and sunscreen in our hot weather.

Photo a day prompts here.


  1. I LOVE!!! The leaf with the water drops upon it... Great picture. You have such a cute hair style! Personal stationary is so fun, I love sending cards because they have such cute pictures on them. Those you were gifted are adorable. I did a photo for each day for a bit a couple years ago but it became too time consuming for me... I like the way you are doing it though, looks like it makes it easier. Have a great week xxx

  2. gorgeous pic of you! & food is a great reward! shhh... but it is. I love the look of those cards! They are gorgeous!

  3. Love your hair cut, it's very similar to mine!
    The water droplet photo is sublime!

  4. Great shots Bron! That brownie looks outstanding!

  5. Love that stationary + your haircut! X


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