Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thankful List

* We had some rain this week...short but wet

* Time at home to be organised for the week

* No waiting Dr appointments...two days in a row.

* Available sisters to help out with lifts

* Tea dates with my sisters

* Giggles over vintage finds

*  Willing friends to take over shifts for sick ones

* The cool breeze that is most welcome today

* Clean sparkling windows and blinds

* Moments that allow you to share your heart with a stranger

* The official last day of Summer....hope of some cool change around the corner

* The ease of mind that comes with a positive result

* Last minute changes in routine that allow some home time

*Picking pumpkins from the garden

* Time to hang out on the couch 

#1017 Finding romantic words penned in a letter that made us all tear up.

Counting my thankfuls to add to my "happy file".


  1. Sorry for sick ones! I don't like being sick. I love the greenness of your garden it makes me miss the green of California. Such a beautiful Fairy Garden

  2. I always enjoy reading your thankful lists Bron - so much to reflect on and be grateful for. Hope you had a lovely weekend xx


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