Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oh My Sweet 16 ...

 It's been a busy week around these parts...

New after school school day times....but the biggest one of them all was

our girl turned 16!!

No big party was wished extravagant present list was made....

Just a chocolate cake with added chocolate and  sugar sweet colour.....

I ignored some of those wishes and gathered her friends for a little surprise dinner

I couldn't let the day go by without a little fanfare.....I needed to acknowledge that she arrived in our lives 16 years ago!
There was ONE BIG ask though be at the licensing centre as soon as they opened....

To pick up her Learners Plates!!!! 

Are any of us ready for this does one prepare for the moment when your child gets behind the wheel of a car?

It was just a little trial......a smaller car is with a handbrake in easy reach ...not a foot brake!

We have all come to the understanding that there will be panicked raised voices from time to time.....there is to be no tears when such a time comes.... and we need to dig deep and find those nerves of steel!!!

Many have gone before us and succeeded......she will indeed and so will we!!!!

Happy birthday sweetness.....enjoy the ride because this year will fly by faster than the last 16 have!!!


  1. Congratulations to you both on your girl's 16th & happy birthday to her too! Looks like a lovely surprise time! & a license? Already? lol Good luck with that then!

  2. Driving!? Oh my! Good luck! What a beautiful daughter you have! X

  3. Happy Sweet 16 Meg... I am so happy for you all! I hope that Meg has a lot of fun driving... learning to drive and driving was and still is today very fun for me... I love that cake Bron! I have always wanted to make one of those kit kat cakes but it looks like it's to hard but you did a great job! xxx

  4. I swear I developed a full on phobia in the process of teaching Master 17 to drive ... I found the entire process to be horrifyingly stressful. In fact I tried to wash my hands of it and pass it off to Hubby but we'd have never got to 120 hours if I'd succeeded. All I can say is Good Luck ... and yep there WILL be raised voices.

  5. What a exciting (and scary) time getting on the roads for the first little bit. Happy 16th to her. Again, that cake!!! WOW!

  6. Oh wow - 16!!!!!! I remember my 16th like it was yesterday - TIME FLIES. Best of luck with those driving lessons - eeek!!


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