Monday, February 23, 2015

Photo a Day Week 8

#47  From where I stand the little bit of gardening we did has cleared the way.

#48 Fresh  out of the oven...Coconut Macaroons

#49 Cacti adorn the Bedside of our teen

#50 Matching...the stories are getting less scarier.

#51 This is is day off and I was meeting a friend for coffee at the foreshore.

#52 The Routine on a Saturday morning...courtesy of my lovely husband.

#53 Macro 

Using the Photo a Day prompts from here.


  1. Your garden sure looks lush and green! I really have to go and visit the beach lol, I love seeing the beach in your pictures! It looks so calm and relaxing xxx

  2. another lovely set of pics. You are getting good at that camera...


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