Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big Questions.....

"Mum I don't know what I want to do for a job when I grow up"

"Oh you can do anything you want to do Fraser"

"Mum is there such a thing as having no job?"

Looking at my husband...." hmmm yes there is  indeed"

"Well I think that I like that choice"

OMG I have some work to do on the whole aspirations thing I think!!!!!!! 


  1. hahaha - I wouldn't worry too much as we all know if you love what you do it isn't a job.

  2. hahaha... Love the thoughts that go on in our little ones hearts and minds

    It looks like it's the joy of being with you in special moments that he wants to treasure... Pure joy is something that our hearts love to have and he is feeling it

    But when he wants his first car he may have different thoughts then

  3. Classic :) that is certainly thinking outside the box!


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