Friday, May 24, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week....

 This week I am Loving....

....The teddy making has begun in preparations for our Shoebox drive.

....being caught red handed knitting and watching catch up favourites .

...sharing Herman baking day with friends.

....working on a new project in sewing class.

... a holiday booked  to help celebrate a big milestone coming up.

Another busy week....not so much photo taking....a few sniffles hanging around in the back ground....


seeing as we are a week away from it being winter we have had the most perfect weather.

Here's to a delightful weekend.

Joining in with Meghan.


  1. So Sorry about the sniffles. They can sure make me grumpy lol xx

  2. ugh sniffles be gone! yay for trips and teddies!

  3. That teddy is so cute:) I hope the sniffles clear up soon and how exciting having a holiday booked something to look forward too, yeah. xxx

  4. Those darned sniffles have been haunting us too:( lovely teddy, perhaps he can help cuddle them away:) xx

  5. Oh I can't tell you how much I love those little knitted teddy bears. Adorable +++ What pattern are you using???
    I'd be more than happy to knit a few up for your shoeboxes (but with a babe on the way don't want to commit to filling a whole box).


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