Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Snippets....

This weekend....

Soccer has begun......that makes me a soccer mum!!!!

Getting used to my new specs....

Anxiously awaiting the lemonades to be ready....

Loving the signs of autumn.....

Hot chocolate treat...

Oh and the lemon meringue to go with it....

Afternoon tea treats for a belated mothers day celebration....

Celebrating the fact that my sister and I have the most awesome mother in law...yes we both have the same MIL...but that is another story for another day.

Happy New week to you. xxxxx   

Joining in Em's Party here.


  1. yum lemon meringue. My eldest daughter has come home for the week and I am so pleased to have her for company. I made Pancakes last night for supper and we ate them with dollops of lemon honey. It was delicious. My son had it for the first time and at 6ft 3 and 16 years the Jar got a bit emptied. Was nice to see all my family enjoying food. x

  2. Love the last picture a girls day out celebrating! and it looks like your son has sprouted a few inches recently... getting taller xx

  3. I'd like to hear that story..two brides for two brothers! Yummy lemon meringue pie too.

  4. look like some delicious treats!

  5. Sounds like an interesting story and a lovely weekend! Hope you have a lovely week. :)

  6. How lovely Bron - and the lemon meringue... I really need to get some more condensed Milk as I have been hankering for some! Hope you have a wonderful week x

  7. Welcome to the soccer mum club Bron! Our soccer season includes freezing on the sidelines for much of the year, hope yours is warmer! Love the photo of you with your MIL and sister, I'll bet she's just as lucky to have you too xx


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