Friday, May 3, 2013

Things I am Loving....

This week's Loves......


Finding my mum's big mixing bowl in the back of my cupboard...perfect for the Zucchini slice mix I had.

Drawings to brighten the room...

Impromptu exploring of local attractions

Exploring that fun place with a cousin... 

Pizza making boys with a little help from  Curtis 

Uno has been the game of choice for the family...solitaire has been learnt too

A new game introduced to keep us on our toes.... 

...and this funny read....

Just a few days left of our school loving that my sisters have helped me out with the kids and encouraged some great activities.

Bring on the weekend and the beautiful sunshine I say. 

Joining in with Meghan     


  1. looks like a great time! What age group if that new card game for? We love games...

  2. Hilarious advice from 1949...although I really do agree with the dirty dishes hint...I have found it better for my creativity to not have the guilts about a sink full of dishes..really!

  3. hahahaah laughed a lot at that sewing advice... oh so serious stuff that sewing!! (perhaps why I haven't really cottoned on to it).. haha Love that big ol' bowl too!! :) and UNO rocks!! xxx

  4. The sewing advice is so funny :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  5. Oh I like the idea of that new game - I looked it up and it sounds kinda similar to one I've played before but I can't think where. My 6 has asked for UNO for his birthday so we will definitely be investing in that too. Hope your weekend has been just as lovely as you hoped xx

  6. We love Uno here too, great for kids young and old. That sewing advice is hilarious, especially about the hair!


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