Monday, April 29, 2013

Older who me???

Been thinking about getting older lately.....

Today we both spent some time having eye tests....hmmmm

Setting up orthodontic appointments for the eldest...hmmmm
 Life was so much simpler when we were younger and our offspring were little...

But I will be embracing the "getting older thing"......sporting a new to me fashion statement.....

....hey what the heck maybe I will be able to read so much more and see every word clearly!!! 
(Oh and  being quietly  smug that my eyes appear slightly less older! )


  1. older & wiser so not to worry!

    Looking forward to a pick of your spiffy specs!

  2. Reality slapped me in the face a while ago LOL...
    But I am adjusting just fine '-)

  3. Ha! I had my eyes tested about a month or so ago and end up needing glasses for reading and crafting..anything that requires close up attention and I didn't realise just how terrible my eye sight was until I noticed the difference between having them and not.
    I am sure you will wear them well Bron.

  4. Haha - I am looking forward to things being simpler and easier when we get a bit older! x

  5. Sucks getting old but it happens to the best of us LOL. I hit 40 and realised I had to hold books a long way back to read them, I have now embraced my glasses.


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