Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laziness = Homemade washing powder

Due to the extended long weekend I found myself really not wanting to go near any shops if I didn't have too......

I did run out of washing powder and with the ingredients to make my own sitting in the cupboard just waiting for me to mix them...... 
This seemed like the ideal time.....

so using some soap flakes...washing soda.....and borax

I referred to Tammi's ratio of ingredients and ....viola.....

I had a load of washing in the machine in no time..... 

 and then out on the line to capitalise on the most glorious weather  over the Easter weekend.......
I have been told that maybe it is not that great at whitening whites......but for all the other colours  you certainly can't argue with the cost of the batch.

Glad I used my laziness to achieve something. 

Hey check back on Thursday for My Creative space and a little giveaway I have planned.


  1. I have always wanted to make my own soap...
    I have purchased the items and now they sit on my shelf waiting for the right day lol.
    I guess I better make the time! I love saving money and creating at the same time.

  2. Hey Bron, it's always good to know how to make these things for times like this. I've often thought of doing the same, but hubby keeps me in an endless supply of soap powder.
    Instead of buying me flowers when he's out shopping he'll come home with 2 or 3 boxes of soap powder when they're on sale!! Talk about romantic, hehe!!

    Claire x

  3. Great idea Bron, now am inspired to do this myself!

  4. It really is easy to make isn't it..though I do confess to being too lazy myself sometimes and nipping out to purchase the commercial variety.

  5. I really enjoy making my own washing powder, such a great feeling of satisfaction. xx


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