Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day 2013


Didn't make it to the dawn service...

But did get to the local march and was good to take some time to remember those who have helped give our nation it's freedom .
to share with the next generation what all this meant.



  1. We went to our local service too Bron. It was very moving. I couldn't believe how many people turned up (we live in a small town) it made me proud to be an Aussie.

  2. hi Bron, my crew made it to the local dawn service and marched with scouts and cub groups...they all are very dedicated to doing it year after year

  3. Hi Bron, It looks like it was a wonderful day!
    I had to do some research to understand what this day means and I understand now the significance of it.
    I can see what a wonderfully patriotic and sacred day this is for everyone! It's times like these that make us reflect and appreciate what others have done for us and the sacrifices they have made.

    P.S. I wanted to thank you for your kind words also!!!! You have a great heart! xxx

  4. Indeed! We appreciate those who went for us so much!


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