Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Creative Space

My Creative space was temporarily derailed last Friday......
This faithful friend of 25 years decided enough was enough..... 

So with the encouragement of my lovely husband and some sound advice form seasoned sewers....I now own this......
 So hence my week has been spent just playing and getting to know my new companion a little better.....

But my creative seat hasn't been left cold though......this is what has been happening instead....

Yes 14 year old decided she wanted to have a go at refashioning a too small top....

who was I to put her off..... 

We both had a giggle at her sudden urge to create something .....

You may have seen this last week ....well so that Meg doesn't have to go looking for Episode two and three here it is.....and for anyone else that enjoyed watching 
The Great British Sewing Bee


 Joining in with My Creative Space and Show and Tell


  1. Love your machine! Looks terrific! Congrats!

    Yay Meg, getting into it.

    Will watch the show next week when we have download time back!

  2. Ooooh exciting a new machine! have fun getting to know each other ;)

  3. I purchased a new sewing machine 6 years ago and I'm still learning everything it does! Looks like your daughter was having fun!

  4. congrats on the new machine!so lovely seeing ur daughter inspired to create!xx

  5. Space age looking machine! Awesome! I like what your daughter did with her top. Very creative. :-)

  6. I do love getting a new toy and your new machine looks very nice. I think your craftiness is rubbing off on your big girl, well done Meg. x

  7. How exciting is a machine upgrade, are you wondering how you ever managed on your old machine now? I love The Great British Sewing Bee too, can't wait till next episode.


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