Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Creative Space ....and a giveaway

You may remember when I was digging around in my glory box I came across these.....
So I thought seeing as I am trying to not be so much of a "keeper".... I would make something with a couple of the tea towels ...... 

They are beautiful unwashed linen tea towels...

the first featuring ...Australian Galahs 

 and just because,  it has a doily feature on the front......

The second was a beautiful print featuring a gorgeous Bouquet of flowers...again crisp new  linen (well at least 25 years old new)

also with a little doily feature....
 They are both lined with pretty fabric from my stash...

So all round a great stash busting project...

which I am keen to share....

Seeing as I have just clicked over to 103 followers ( me thinks amazing for this little ol blog)

I thought I would give one away....

You can choose

Australian Galahs 
Bouquet of flowers

Just say hi in the comments and let me know which one you would like and I will draw a random winner this time next week.  I will post anywhere.

Joining in with      Show and Tell  and   Creative Spaces. 


  1. These bags are super lush! I especially love the bouquet one! Count me in! X

  2. Hi Bron...these are both lovely bags. The colours of the flower one are my favourites here so if I win I'd love that one..thank you!

  3. Hi. Don't put me in the draw, I would hate you to have to do postage to NZ. BUT just wanted to say that I love this project. So me -the whole reuse recycling thing is great. Found your blog via Show and Tell on Sunshinex3

  4. Wow, they came up terrific! Well done on using some of your glory box treasures to create something new! Great job!
    & yes I had noticed you had gone over 100! Well done!

  5. ooohh..i love the galah xx

  6. they are lovely Bron. Love the doily touch! and well done on over 100 followers :o) I love the flower one especially but they are both lovely x

  7. How lovely of you Bron! I can't help but say that I would love the galah one - he just is gorgeous!
    Thank you

  8. Hi Bron.
    Oh these are wonderful!!! I love both but that Galah one would be a lovely momento of my time in Australia and reminder of our friendship once I've moved to shores afar...
    Hope to see you Sunday now that my in-laws have gone back to England :)

    Kat xx

  9. Well done you! Congrats! Lovely bags, what a lovely find in your box! I particularly like the flowers though both are lovely xx

  10. They look awesome Bron and well done on over 100 followers! How does one make that happen?

    Have been meaning to say I acidentally deleted your last comment on my blog, was so used to deleting anon comments, I hit delete rather than publish (sorry!!!)

  11. Those are adorable! You always do such a great job

  12. Bron these are both so beautiful. Congratulations on reaching over 100 followers, woo hoo. I love the flower bag Bron, very pretty. xx

  13. Hey Bron, great way to use a couple of your tea towels, they look wonderful as bags. Love the flowers but have to go with the Galah, gorgeous colours........
    Congrats on 100 + followers that's alot of people enjoying your posts....

    Claire x

  14. Hi Bron, love the bouquet of flowers. You creative thing you! Well done on the blog


  15. ooooo 106 followers! Well done Bron! I'm no longer hiding behind Mrs Anonymous. I'm public :) Georgeous bags but surely hard to part with such a treasure. I can't decide... If I win I am thinking of gifting it to my sister for her birthday. I love the flowers, she'd love the galah. x


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