Monday, April 15, 2013

Online or Local?

I made a purchase today........

Apart from the tough decisions of ....which one, what make, computerised or not...

There was the final decision to buy local or online....

There were some saving to be made with purchasing online....warranty in tack....reputable dealer....


then there was the very kind lady who talked me through the features, worked out what my needs were.....even let me have a play......

What do you do when you have a major purchase to make?

Online with savings......or buy local and have a warm feeling cause you did?    


  1. Oooh nice new toy!! Congrats.

    Hmmm must admit for me it's a balance between how much the savings are (and if I can be patient enough to wait) and how good the in store service is. I try to buy local where possible but if the savings are ridiculous by buying online then I can't always justify it... So it really depends.
    But if I got awesome local service then I would almost certainly honour that with purchasing locally...

  2. Tricky - I think after weighing up all the options you have to follow your heart and do what feels right.

    Congratulations - and here's to another 21+yrs of faithful service!

  3. What model did you get Bron? I'm in the market for a new machine too. I have a 17 year old Janone that just isn't nice to sew with anymore. Must have been all the cardboard scrapbooking layouts I've sewed over the years! Haha

  4. Hey Bron, congrats on the new machine. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun 'playing' with it .I'm sure you'll be firm friends in not time at all.....
    On line, or local......the previous comment has said it all really. But I guess when it comes to something like a machine, it's good to have someone from the shop to show you all the 'ins and outs' and be at the other end of the phone if you've got a problem.
    Happy sewing.....

    Claire x

  5. Ooh a Janome, nice buy!
    I do love to buy locally but I did score my overlocker online last year in the EOFY sales for just under half price.

  6. That's exciting Bron, have fun with it!

  7. how cool! Looking forward to seeing what it creates with you!
    Oh & local if I can...

  8. Hi Bron, I'm so glad you have found one that suits you. Wishing you many years of creative pleasure with your machine!

  9. what did you get? I am still in decision mode to replace my 21 year old Janome mystyle (rotary!!)

    yes, some things are just better in person!


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