Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week I am Loving...... 

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS....although I need to juggle some work days there is still plenty of time for a cuppa and chocolate....

Baking....I always like to send something with the kids when they head to someones for the day (thanks to both my sisters) especially if I am having to work... there was choc chip slice and pumpkins scones made this week

Snail Mail...I found some time to sit and letter write a much overdue letter to a friend who I haven't seen for some time.

Scrapbooking.....the urge to gather school photos form the last three years and add them to the kids albums....nothing fancy but they are now done.

A little time with just the little guy ...time to hang out.

Getting out in the fresh air and getting to the library which is lovely and close.

Impromptu outings to the movies with cousins.....

The garden that is always offering beautiful surprises when I take the time to go and wander through it.

One week down....I have done much cleaning.....resulting in many clean and uncluttered surfaces...lots of little jobs time....just what school holidays should be like....

Hope you have had a great week.       


  1. Thank God for school holidays..I think Mums always need the break from routine at least as much as kids do!

  2. Sounds really lovely Bron - enjoy the second week! x

  3. School holidays are the best for picking up projects and special memories along the way! What a beautiful rose...

  4. Such a lovely mix of getting things done versus relaxing this week! Hope the next one is just as good :-)

  5. impromptu things are the best aren't they!
    Looks like you have had a great time lately!

  6. I spent the whole first week de-cluttering here at home too Bron, and it feels great. Hope it stays that way! Your cooking looks and sounds amazing!


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