Monday, April 11, 2016

Last Week

Oops...what happened to last week??? Oh that's right full time working that's what!
I was doing so well until about Wednesday,  then the wheels kinda fell off....It is so long since I have worked full time and two weeks of it was a complete shock to the system.
So the camera didn't come out just a few snaps on my phone camera.....

But some great things to be thankful for.... 

*Totally thankful for two weeks of work almost all of it in the same sweet class of year 3's at the school I am able to walk to and from each day.

* Extra count on my steps too as the class was doing daily swim lessons that required us to walk to and from the pools.

* Great staff at the school to guide me and help me really gain my confidence back in the classroom

* The energy to get up and get those exercises done in the morning....catching glimpses of the sunrise over our back fence.

* Early to bed times to try and stay on top of it all.

* New soccer boots.....exactly the ones he wanted...under budget and on the shelf.

* A new soccer season with a really great coach and great team mates.

* New shoes for me and half price at the checkout.

* The first of a few kid sleepovers for the holidays

* Lunch out to celebrate family members

* Accommodation booked for an upcoming weekend away and bonus upgrade without the cost.

* A cool start to the school holidays....thundery storms and broody skies

* A quick friends catch up just on sunset to end the week.

#1274 School holidays.....for all but one of us.....we will be sure to be extra kind to that one who is working hard for us all. 

My complete list of thankfuls is ever important to see the blessings that are given every day.



  1. Here's to school hols Bron (and to lovely people like you who take the time to comment on my funny little blog posts)!

  2. I at first thought that your back yard was on fire... I had to look really close to see it was just the sunlight Phew! I love the broody sky's and lightning weather. We had some just the night before last xx

  3. Great that you have got all that work! But full time is a struggle after so long I bet! Well done!
    Cheers to the school holidays!


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