Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Informed decision

I took our 11 year old son and his mate to the movies today.
We made a deal that they could either have overpriced popcorn and soft drink in the movies or I would buy lunch after the movie....his choice.

He decided on lunch after wards.....

We watched the movie and then I needed to take a call just before we returned to the car. So I left the lunch venue choice up to the two boys.....

This is the conversation that resulted.....

So boys where are we headed?
Hungry Jacks
Ok ...why did  you choose that place.....( to be fair I had made the choice narrower between McDonalds and Hungry Jacks) 
Well because they have no added hormones and they have a new type of chip!

Oh that is a well thought out choice I said.....

The friend turned to my boy and said....what are hormones again?
At this point I tried not to chuckle out loud...

My boy responded with know....there are all sorts the ones that help you grow...

His friend now enlightened  seemed happy with that explanation ....

We proceeded to their choice of venue to "enjoy "lunch. 
  Wow the power of advertising was just underlined for me in that moment.

Please don't judge me for the choices in lunch....sometimes you just have to do it and oh by the way their chips are rather tasty!


  1. Kids these days just know so much stuff!
    & hey, glad you enjoyed the new chips! Might have to check them out sometime myself!

  2. Oh my gosh that was so cute! I don't know how you kept from laughing out loud... So funny.
    They are adorable sweet ones. Chips are my down fall... Love them xxx


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