Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Girl Milestone.....AKA The Ball

While I am on the subject of feeling emotional about milestones...

This weekend our girl had her Year 12 formal....The Ball......

Wow talk about being out of my comfort zone....feeling like that time just flew by so so fast!

Despite the many horror stories I have read and heard about....this was a really lovely experience for me as a mum.

She took it all in her stride....organised herself with minimal fuss and presented herself beautifully when the time came.

She knew what she wanted and the only  little meltdown upon returning from the makeup sitting was averted really quickly by some calm thinking.

She had lovely friends to share the night with and they revelled in their opportunity to be so grown up for the evening.....who am I kidding they are almost grown up ..pretty dresses or not.

The whole preparation was a long way from my own experience  .....mine was lovely but oh just so much more simpler....nails and professional makeup were never on my radar and mum made my very simple but elegant dress for the evening.

I have enjoyed watching our girl maneuver through this time and was super proud last night as she drove off in the Stretch Hummer with all her friends.

Apparently being the Belle of the Ball was never on this girls radar...but being voted Best Dancer of the night by her peers was certainly the highlight of the night for this dancing girl of ours.

Now just to get back to a little reality and the business of finishing this year in style and working hard at chasing down those opportunities for next year and beyond.


  1. She looks beautiful Bron - please tell her so.
    Anth and I popped in to a city hotel on Friday night before we went to a WASO performance at the Concert Hall - a school ball was in full swing while we were there - well, pre-dinner mocktails in the lobby anyway. I loved looking at all the pretty girls swishing around in their frocks and the boys so awkward but cute in their suits. So funny in the toilets - one of the girl's had her friends holding her dress up while she was on the loo because she couldn't manage all those frills and ruffles etc on her own ;)

  2. You are an absolute stunner miss M. Love ya.

  3. So very beautiful - inside and out!!

  4. Beautiful dress! Lovely pictures of the evening. What a time to remember! & best dancer would have been the cherry on top! Yay!

  5. Oh what memories that brings to mind... Such a lovely young woman you have raised. Yes very emotional and proud moment in time. All the girls are so adorable. What an honor to receive a belle of the ball award. She is so pretty... You've done good mom :-) xx

  6. And by the way.... What a Gorgeous dress!

  7. She is stunning Bron! What a beauty. I'm glad she had a good night. I'm feeling the same "where has the time gone?" feeling as my boy prepares for high school starting this September.


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