Sunday, April 3, 2016

The boy milestone

This week we hit a milestone in our family.

It was transition day for high school for our boy .

He was excited....I was not...

He didn't really know what lie ahead...I did

I am struggling to come to a heart place where I can see my self sending off my the jungle...

Well, we still have the rest of this year but this day was all about forcing me and enticing him in the next year and all that lies ahead.

My consolation was that his big sister was able to walk through the gates with him....give him a hello as they passed during the day , then walk the walk home with him.

He was a little disillusioned by the"big kids" around the school who seemed to be acting like "idiots"....oh such a harsh reality of joining older kids and going right back to being the little kids.

I was proud of him though.We encouraged him to apply for one of the specialist programmes on offer and as we "work-shopped" the application form he pushed through the overwhelming task of it all.

My heart is sad though that as siblings they won't be high school walking, talking buddies....but I am trusting that he can have just as smooth an experience as his sister in the next 6 years.  

Me, I will be working on putting on my big girl pants and coming to grips with the passage of another chunk of time and the realizations that it brings....I will no longer be the mum of a primary school child at school.....

But hey I get ahead of myself....lets just go back to being ready for the Monday morning that is on our doorstep tomorrow. x



  1. wow, a whole day to try out! That sounds good! It's tough to let them go I bet! Good luck...

  2. Yes, I had many of those same thoughts as mine were two grades apart. Sometimes the emotions get the best of us mothers. I think it is what makes us women special... our very large emotional hearts. xxxxx


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