Sunday, April 3, 2016

This week...thankfuls

Another week full to the many things to look for amoungst the busy times...things to be thankful for.

* An out of control pumpkin vine....that at last count has 6 pumpkins growing on it and I dont think it has finished making more.

* Learning new skills....clipping the chooks wings so they can enjoy being free range more.

* Capable daughters who only needed cheering on from the sidelines.

* Coffee dates with the boy to find out about his trial day at High School.

* New experiences and the preparation for the big day that produced much joy and excitment.

* Autumn days that are filled with sunshine and blue skies.

* Completing the daunting task of application forms for opportunities next year.

* A week of work at a school close enough to walk.....and the blessing of another full week coming in the same school and class of delightful Year 3's

* Hitting the four week mark of pushing myself physically and seeing some results...enough to spur me on for another month.

* A couple of spontaneous coffee dates with my man...squeezed in after work.

#1261 Friends......oh the power of friends in your life.

Last week of the school term ahead of us.....a full week of work for us all.....thankful in anticipation for all that is coming our way.

Have a great one. x 

My growing list of thankfuls here.



  1. What a wonderful list of thankfuls, memories and milestones! Your daughter is beautiful and the her joy and excitment shows on her face. Your son reminds me of how much I enjoyed being the mom of a boy!

  2. A big week and your children are certainly growing up - so gorgeous. x

  3. awesome stuff again. High school decisions! Ekkkk

  4. Love the pumpkin patch! such exciting things happening all around. Love the pictures xxx


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