Sunday, April 17, 2016

This week...

First week of school holidays done....we have had a mixed bag of weather and it appears to be going to continue into this second week also.

Some of the things I am thankful for this past week are.

* Movies on the couch with my boy.

* Movies at the cinema with friends...and very interesting conversations to go with it.

* A dreaded dentist appointment done and not as painful on the purse as I thought.

* A quiet home alone day to recover from the dentist visit.

* Coffee catch ups with friends

* Back to my morning with "Make a Wish" and having my boy tag along was fun.

* Fun play catch ups at the adventure park with cousins which meant sitting and chatting with my sisters.

* A phone call that booked my first day of work for next term

* Chickens that insist on being at the back door to be let in the house. All is Ok 'cause they have been laying plenty of yummy eggs.

* Those same chickens following you around when you are outside like little puppy dogs.

* Finishing two good books,

* An afternoon of baking in preparation for a little getaway for two of us this week.

* The steady fall of rain that made for a gloomy day...perfect for cooking up a storm. 

#1288  The suggestion from my boy that I please take my camera and take pictures this coming week so I can make a photo book of our week. I said only if there was fun for me to photograph and not full of technology playing....."of course mum I plan on doing lots of exploring!. "

Have a great week coming... I am offline for most of the week on a little farm stay with my little guy and some friends.

My growing list of thankfuls 

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  1. Aw... I love it that Fraser wants a picture of memories book for the fun week he has planned! So sweet I would love to see all the fun things he has planned.
    Mmmmm Those treats looks so good they make me want to make some of my own lol.
    I found a video series produced by Justin Rhodes on chickens and feel once again inspired to get some for the yard... Yours are so cute! xxxx


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