Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Handbag

One thing I have a love of doing is making simple I thought after reading this I would tip mine out and see what exactly was lurking in the bottom.

I don't change bags every time I head out the door so it is easy to accumulate "stuff" in the bottom. This results in a desperate wrestle for the phone that is ringing or the pen that I just know is in there.
I do have to confess the item that gives me the biggest problem is the tissues...even if I know that there are some in my bag already, I have this compulsive need to grab a couple more as I walk out the door.
( So I have a confession...I got rid of the million tissues from my bag before I took the photo)
Some of the must have items in my bag...
hand cream
pen and of course those tissues.
Oh I do have my phone although my dearest would argue that it is useless in the bottom of my bag never being answered!

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