Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lego and Dinosaurs

When a friend was giving away a doona with dinosaurs on it I thought there must be something I can use that for.....Fraser loves his lego and the box was staring to overflow so instead of moving to a bigger tub, I had a thought to combine his dinosaur interest with the lego. ( they are learning about dinosaurs this term at pre primary)

I cut a large circle and serged the edges...threaded a cord made of the same fabric and viola we have a lego mat and storage bag in one!

It is worth the trying to keep all the lego in one place and easily cleaned up at the end.

Check out what lots of other clever people are doing here.


  1. Suzie had one of these for Tom when he was younger but it had big eyelets around the edge and cord threaded through. Great idea!! Easy for clean up too if they stay on the mat :D
    Tayla and Bree love lego too but don't have much yet...just started collecting.

  2. I really want one of these!


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