Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Mine

You know you have a bargain worth buying when there are others hoping it was theirs...sounds serious doesn't it but it 's not really.
I take Meg to her dance class each Saturday afternoon and then use that opportunity to off load the week's decluttering at my local Salvos store.....Every week I say to myself "don't go don't need to take anything home...after all you came to drop off the excess...right?"
But most times I don't listen to myself and head on in the doors. Sometimes there is clearly nothing so off I go but today...I scored this crock pot among some other things (I will show later).
I had three ladies in the store try and take it from the counter while I was in the process of purchasing it...It is a great large, and heavy locally (Quinninup) made pot that will be perfect for the winter cooking that lays ahead.

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