Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Star

We were invited to celebrate this little girl's 1st birthday this morning......
The sun was shining and lots of lovely people to catch up with....
I borrowed the photo from Kat 'cause I completely forgot to take my own...anyway I didn't have a small enough peep to model it at home.
It was a little of guess work to down size my normal super cape pattern for such a wee little one.

I love to give handmade...I do get a little nervous making for other crafty friends though..silly I guess because I love to receive handmade, thoughtful gifts. 


  1. Yay great star cape! I am the same but I think people appreciate there gift's much more when hand made :))

  2. You have been busy in the last few days Bron. I did a box for Samaritan's purse last year..but I certainly didn't make 100 of are amazing!

  3. My that child is cute... Her mumma sure is lucky to have a good friend like you to make her such a cute cape too ;-) good job you! The smallest soperhero one ever did see lol...


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