Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fur Find

I know I have said this many times before but...
I miss my mum heaps and after 13 years of her gone I am still being wowed by the things she left us (that being myself and my two beautiful sisters).
I spent the day with one of my sisters on Friday and we had a bit of fun in her wardrobe space.
I say fun because it is always fun when it is not your own stuff being sorted and parted with ...right?

We came across a bag of clothes that we both knew were kicking around but hadn't seen or thought too much of for some time.
Oh I couldn't believe my eyes when I spied this......

It is so REAL!
It fits perfectly and the hidden pockets in the front just finish it off.
I brought it home in order to do some research on it's history,,,,,

So far we have come up with not much....maybe a date -1934 but not much else...
 I don't even know what the fur is but it is long and really soft.
I am going to keep trying because such a piece requires some history.
My Meg is horrified that anyone would want to wear such a thing  and I know it is probably socially so wrong....but I would just love the opportunity to go somewhere elegant to wear it!!

I also now know that the correct name for a fur maker is a furrier!

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  1. i think that social constraint regarding political correctness of wearing fur is null and void when the fur was probably procured before you were born! there must surely be a statute of limitations on fur coats.
    and FYI i think it's gorgeous, especially since it was your mum's


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