Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Very First....

We have been married just over twenty three years and on Monday bought our first bed....well bed know head board and foot board....hmmm well you know what I mean.
We have just had a mattress ensemble and always promised ourselves something a bit more special know how it goes ..we never just got there.

Well we finally did.....just what i had wanted a metal and brass number....not to ostentatious or overpowering.
In fact I think I love it so much because it reminds me of my parents bed ...theirs  stood 1 1/2 metres off the floor and was the real deal cast iron  with brass bed knobs...
Oh so many memories maybe that is why I just loved this one.
No, it is not as high off the ground but  just right for us.

I would love to show you the whole bed but then that would require me to have made it up and well the busyness of life just hasn't allowed that to happen to much this last week.......

Now I just need to find the perfect bedding  and cushions to finish the total look....


  1. How pretty! We are in desperate need of a new bed and/ or headboard. I love that yours isn't wood -- very cool!

  2. Very nice Bron...I have been wanting a vintage cast iron bed for ages...only problem is they are much smaller in comparison to today's counterpart.
    Have fun shopping for new bedding :)

  3. Gorgeous Bed! Good for you..I love how the metal curves to an almost heart in the middle.We are heading towards 25 years next year. Its a good thing to be married to the same person this many foundational memories.Yaah for you guys

  4. Oooh nice! Can't wait to see the whole thing! I bet it will look wonderful all made up. Don't forget to stop and take a breath! Xx

  5. Beautiful Bron - a nice new bed is a treat hey.. you guys wont want to get out of it now - that's the hard part. I thought we'd waited a long time for our new bed (it's got to be something like 13 years by now)... and we love love love our new one.. although at the moment we are stuck back in the guest bed (the old black pipe bed) while we paint our ensuite :(
    Enjoy!! Mel xx ps... I bet you have two extra pairs of feet find their way into the bed on Sunday mornings :)

  6. Its gorgeous!!! I love new beds, we got a new one at the end of March (a king size one!) and I am still trying to find the perfect bed spread. Good luck finding the one that is just right for you guys


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