Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Creative Space

Some things I have started and finished this week......



(excuse the unwilling models)

This is what I still have to tackle......

A mountain of polar fleece on my lounge room floor. ...destined to be turned into 
"no-sew scarves" ...

100 of them!!!
I co-ordinate my churches efforts for Samaritans PurseChristmas in a Shoebox programme and the aim is at least 100 boxes packed full of goodies.....

Now just to round up the volunteers to come armed with scissors, a straight eye and a sense of community to get the job done....

oh and while I have them just 100 library bags will also need to be whipped up!
Wish me luck!
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  1. Wow look at you go with all your patchwork purses! And count me in as another pair of hands! Xx

  2. Hey Bron, Where did you find your polar fleece? I went to spotlight the other day and they have very little.

    If you want to pass over some fabric I would be happy to whip up some library bags and scarves for you :o)

  3. You are on a roll with the patchwork pouches :)


  4. Let me know if I can cut up some scarves for you! Love the pouches too :)

  5. wow you go girl hope you get some helpers with that lot :)

  6. Lots of lovely 'makes' - love the purses, really pretty! Good luck with the voluntary ventures :D

  7. woo hoo good luck indeed. love your pouches


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