Friday, August 26, 2011

A Week of Achievements

For the last couple of weeks Meg has been returning home from school with updated times of her Cross Country if you knew Meg you would find it quizzical that this even interested her let along cause her to participate in the first place. This was the child that wanted running lessons in year four from dad so she wouldn't come last at the sports carnival........

Forward to Wednesday.....
May I present 


We are so proud of her and her willingness try something new and take the challenge to do it well.....
Now onto the Interschool carnival in a week or so.

This week has also been book week at school...while Meg was focused on running, the little guy has been focused on wanting a cool costume....after many changes of mind and mummy refusing to go and purchase a ready made costume....( after all it is book week and not the Oscars!)

May I present 
Peter form Narnia.....

I convinced him with the sword I borrowed from my work storeroom.  After that I had him in the palm of my hand....

Now the achievement part is that I gathered supplies from around the house and pulled together this "interesting" interpretation of a costume in just  1/2 hour !!!

all except the Lion that was requested on the front...hmmm a dodgy attempt at being a graphic artist...( but remembering it is only book week Year 1!)

He was dressed upon my return form the gym this morning ready to go......
Unfortunately as the time to leave grew closer, he began to give into the doubts...
".what if they laugh at am I going to play basketball at lunch time with the big boys?"

Thankfully a mummy's hand to hold on the walk to school and the envy of the boys in his class over the large sword, soon put to rest all those doubts!
Phew over for another year.

Edited:  We  He won an award  for his costume....   A very sweet new book!


  1. Woot woot - great job Meg!!

    And haha - school politics over costumes?! Well done on pulling it together at the last minute & for no additional expense!

  2. Woohoo...go Meg!! What a champ.

    You did a great job with the costume Bron.

  3. Well done Meg, you should be very pleased with yourself, such determination.. As for the costume...amazing on all levels..well done all.

  4. well done Meg and well done little mister on your prize and well done super mum on your costume effort

  5. Oh I remember the school costume dilemma - will they love, it or laugh at it! (my youngest at 10 yrs is just coming out of that phase). You did great - well done all :D

  6. Oh yay, love the cross country, my 4 are all champions, only my twins take turns in who comes first, so cute.
    Great costume, handmade or not, he rocks the Narnia look. Love that you considered the award yours, i am a book week winning mum, hell yeah, i leapt up & squealed "yes" at assembly, it was my award thanks. Love Posie


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