Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Helping Hand

Something lovely happened this evening just as I was beginning to prepare the dinner.
My little 6 year old guy jumped up from watching a movie and asked if he could help me with dinner!
Now I am not actually the most patient at this time of the night. A time of the night when all things seem to collide and happen at once. It is also the evening that the Mr has to be back out the door straight after the help was not really the thing I needed or wanted.
But ....
I have read enough parenting articles and also being a teacher in my former life, to know  that I should encourage all help, as 
a) it may increase the likely hood of having him eat dinner without any fuss 
b)also a great chance to teach him a whole bunch of skills...

All that aside I still would rather have got on and done it my own self!

But his offer to help was different tonight....
He actually wanted to peel,chop, dice and anything else I could allow him to do......

It was actually a pleasure to have him help and be so eager to learn how to do  some "grown up" cooking tasks.....

I really must invest in some kiddie safe knives to make the job a little safer for him....

We were putting together ....

                      Creamy Chicken and Tomato Stew Recipe

found here

So I am thankful for the helpful moment together and we created a pretty yummy dinner as a bonus.


  1. That's lovely to see your son wanting to help, and good on you for having the patience at that time of the day! I must take a leaf out of your book :-)Sam

  2. I love when my children want to help in the kitchen...many hands make light work, though too many cooks do spoil the broth :)


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