Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2 - My Creative Space {Thankful # 2}

{ Blog 25 days of being Thankful..... this as a way of staying focused on the good , happy and pleasing moments....
it's a way of acknowledging all that we take for granted, all that we sometimes overlook as we let busyness take over.}

Today I am thankful for.....
A day at home!
Two sisters that dropped in briefly to say hello and a day of Christmas crafting all by myself ( that sounds so hermit like but I need to retreat and recharge every now and again).......

I have many volunteers that help out throughout the year in my work..I like to give something small to say "thanks couldn't do it without you"

So I took some inspiration from this lovely blog and made some wonky Christmas house decorations.....

Just need to finish stitching them and add a button or two tonight.

I am thankful that I made it to the post office to mail my 

I am thankful for a daughter who bravely headed off for her high school orientation ...only to claim at the end of the day that although it was a huge school with loads of kids she thought Year eight and high school was going to be "fun"

Joining in today with other Creative spaces here.

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