Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nothing Day

The day after the day after......

"What would you like to do today?"

Me: "Nothing"

"What about going to see a movie?"

Me: "No nothing"

"Are you happy just pottering?"

Me : "Yep"

There was a lot of DVD watching,
some book reading,
lots of Lego building,

"Are you sure you want to do nothing?"

Me : "Oh yes I am sure"

Well maybe just a little retro fabric bunting making to brighten the outdoors!

Hope you had a nothing kinda day too!


  1. Yes yes! No better way to spend the day after the day after! And maybe the day after that too!

  2. No I was so over going nothing so went shopping and started spring cleaning cupboards, but glad you enjoyied your doing nothing.


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