Saturday, March 3, 2012

We Went...

One day if Meg ever finds herself on the TV show RocKwiz.....and is asked the question 
"What is the first concert you ever went to?"
She can answer.....
TAYLOR SWIFT with my mum at aged 13!!!
She was very excited at what the night would hold.....oh who am I kidding ...we were both pretty excited.....
 It was an awesome concert to have been her first.....
Taylor Swift showed she knew and appreciated her audience....mainly young girls ( although there were a huge amount of guys amongst the crowd)
 It was reassuring to know that there wasn't anything that was going to be inappropriate , both in content or performance.......

The theatrics were , sparkle and glitter,acrobatics, plenty of costume changes with gorgeous dresses, ballerinas and even a bride.

She played a piano, banjos and a myriad of different guitars.....

She moved out into the crowd, so some got to be up close and personnel.....

I found myself sitting next to a very excited and appreciative young lady ....who  knew every word to every song sung !!!!!

( now I know what she has been doing  in her bedroom all that time!) 

Sadly for Meg this was as close as she got to the star of the night....

We had such a fantastic time ...

"That was the best night ever mum and I will remember that for ever......"

(Glad now we had the great idea to buy this birthday gift for her. )


  1. oooh you lucky things. What an awesome memory for you both. Gotta love Taylor Swift :)

  2. This brings tears to my eyes to hear of your wonderful evening with your gorgeous Meg. I know she WILL remember it forever. Maybe next time this aunty can tag along for some girlie fun :))

  3. What an absolutely AMAZING experience! The photos look beautiful! Mel xox

  4. Looks like you had a very magical time together, memories to keep forever, I think Taylor Swift is a great role model for young girls too!:)

  5. What a lovely time with your daughter! These are great "memory makers" for both of you!!

    ((I love concerts!))

    My kids come along to watch my band play from time to time, and I love that they think it's so cool that their old Mumma is up there rocking it...and that they both want to be in a band some day!! :) haha.


  6. Hey Bron, lovely photo of the two of you.

    Sounds like you had a great night..........

    Claire :}

  7. what a lovely experience for you to share together, making treasured memories :-)


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