Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things I am loving

Things  I  am loving this week.......
An Invitation from friends to cool off in the heat wave....

Impromptu game playing after dinner.....

This week's sunny , cheery craft at playgroup.....

Homegrown honey from friends....

I am especially loving that it is the weekend...

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  1. something so magical about honey isn't it? I sometimes think it is one of God's little masterpieces he gifted to us and frankly it just isn't valued enough!!!! But shhhhh, we don't want the price to skyrocket as it does with all treasure!!!

  2. those are lovely things to be thankful for. how amazing your friends harvest their own honey. does it taste different?

  3. mmmm..yummy honey! Our neighbour has hives so we get fresh honey from them all the time, it's just scrumptious! And yay for pooltime in heatwaves!!


  4. Homegrown honey and board games? Sounds wonderful!

  5. I'm loving that sun... oh, and the little girl holding it ;-)

  6. Hey Bron, you guys have certainly had a hot summer this year.......

    Hope you get a break from the heat soon.

    Honey, yum, how many bees worked to make that jar of honey. Love watching those busy, buzzing creatures do what they do best.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend and the opportunity to cool off......

    Claire x


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