Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Meet "Grace"........

Fraser has a birthday party to go to for a class mate turning 7.....

what to make when I have already given this little girl in previous years...

and a 

I hope she loves her Black Apple Doll as much as I do?

ADDED :  I used this tutorial to make a matching drawstring bag for her to snuggle in.

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  1. Oh, she is adorable! I'm sure Fraser's friend will love her :)

  2. Your doll is delightful, and the photos of the children making art. I love watching children when they get into an art project, they put their whole being into it.

  3. Cute! and looks satisfying to make.I saw a gorgeous wee doll the other day too, it was a Steiner doll..I have been meaning to hunt out a pattern for it.Thanks 4 the link

  4. what a gorgeous gift bron. i think she will be much loved

  5. Great job Bron love the little outfit.....polka dots and crochet, adorable.

    I'm sure she will be much loved for years to come.

    Claire :}

  6. the doll is very cute! i'm sure she will love it :)

  7. A veru cute little doll... gorgeous work!

  8. I love handmade gifts and your Black Apple Doll is so joyful and gorgeous!

  9. Oh..what little girl (or boy for that matter) wouldnt fall helplessly in love with that gorgeous doll!? xx

  10. The doll is adorable! I'm sure she will love it. :-)
    Popping by from creative space.

  11. Sweet doll! I'm sure she's going to be well loved!

  12. Lovely doll and I love the idea of a wee bag to match. Very very cool!!


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