Monday, March 19, 2012

Could You?

.... or would you?

On the weekend I called past some friends garage sale......she had kindly put aside a lovely pile of vintage linens for me to pick up....

I was so pleased to contribute to their funds...

because you see they have decided to sell all they own and head overseas, with the intentions of working with and amongst the poor.

As I arrived at the garage sale and there were many people picking through all their  belongings, I wondered whether I could ever do the same...

I am such a sentimentalist and I am sure if we were making any of the similar decisions { which we are not} I would be finding the largest storage shed to stash my things.

Anyways I now have a very lovely pile of linens to play with.

Pop over and check out the travel plans of the "garage salers".



  1. I couldn't sell EVERYTHING..I would have to keep the really special things.... :)

  2. We have just had a garage sale ourselves as hubby has just gotten a Pastoral position in a church in Sydney. We have had to let go of some things but we know its worth it.

  3. We did and we survived unscathed :) It's actually pretty liberating to let go of everything and start over.


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