Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Creative Space

50 Stitches
20 rows

Knit ,Purl,Knit,Purl......

I am just a straight row knitter but even that basic knowledge is sometimes enough....

enough to keep my hands busy when I feel restless.....

 enough to add a little more colour to my wardrobe.......

enough to complete with the little bit of time I had.

Joining in with other creative hands here


  1. I really like your hangers...I might have to knit a few covers myself :)

  2. Those are super adorable! I have always wanted to learn knitting. I do know how to cast on and knit the one basic stitch and that is it, I have been looking at you tube and directions on "how to." hmm, maybe one day.

  3. OH how bright & cheery are they! You will grin every time you open your cupboard!

  4. i adore your colour choices, they are delicious bron.

  5. Oh these are so much nicer than those wire dry cleaning hangers Bron.......

    Just the sort of covers to 'hold' those slippery items of clothing that have mind of their own....

    Cliare :}


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