Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Week...

....At   Playgroup.....

Rainbow Fish

I had the opportunity of reading one of my favourite children's stories today...

I used this idea for inspiration  for the craft ....
I just replaced the coffee filter for paper towel.

I also created a "Rainbow Fish" sensory tub....
rainbow coloured aquarium stones,shells, scoops and sea life play creatures 
Again the children have had so much fun with the exploring  that comes with a sensory tub.


  1. Your playgroup must be so much funnnn!

  2. We've done the paper towel painting etc at Playcentre... Oh and I love love love the beautiful bright colours in that sensory tub!! Yayyy!

  3. You guys always have so much fun at play group
    I need to incorporate a bit more sensory play into Kaizer's day :)


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