Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As a Child....

 I am joining in with Jody today in thinking about me as a child and who I am today.....

I come from a long line of creative people

My Grandmother had the coolest sewing studio I have seen and as a child it was a Pandora's box. She had the neatest and perfect knitting stitch I have ever seen.
She created the most perfectly formed crocheted projects to boot.

My mother inherited those creative genes.
Looking back over some of my photos I am almost always dressed in something that mum whipped up.
Even in my Year 12 ball dress.....
I have very strong memories of hearing the sewing machine going late into the  night on Christmas Eve finishing a gift or the Christmas outfit for us.

I also I think been gifted with their keenness to create.
This has been sharpened as I have gotten older 
sadly with neither of those beautiful people around to see me in my element.

So maybe I was destined to  have a longing to wear something I have created
Maybe I learnt it from being taught
Maybe I just have something of each of them in me that is a part of me

Either way with all that I have achieved and attempted there has always been this need to fiddle and create......

Hopefully this will be something that continues to pop up through those to come and one day I will feature as the mother or Grandmother that was crazy enough to be a creator....


  1. Just gorgeous you were, and still are. I'm glad you captured so much that you could inspire and teach me. Renae

  2. Beautifully put Bron.

    We're all a product of our environment to a degree however I do believe, since having children myself, that we are also born with elements of who we are & will be, it's when you combine the both that magic happens.

    Thanks for joining in this week. x.

  3. Aw... You were an adorable child! What great memory's

  4. Hi Bron, what a cute photo and lovely pinny. Wonderful memories you have of your early years and all those creative genes......I wonder where our mothers found the time to sew and knit and cook and keep the house and look after children......

  5. Aww very cute shot Bron. It certainly does sound like the creative gene has been touching your family for quite a while, giving a wealth of memories to last all your life! :)


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