Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reinvented Orange

 Forgive me if I am a little bit excited about my adventures in re-inventing my wardrobe......

Wasn't sure that the ORANGE wool jumper was really me but hey it was a freebie that caught my eye.......

 So feeling a little more empowered to have a go ...I took my scissors to the JUMPER.....

 Not only the ORANGE one but my BLACK one too!!!

I am so pleased with the result ...I now have a much more wearable CARDIGAN......
That I did all by myself.....

Oh and inspired by Jody 
(you can check out her very latest creation here)

Joining in with other creative types here 


  1. Bron I am so impressed with your re-creations...they are amazing! I have reluctantly started snipping into a few pieces that I want to refashion but am quite daunted by it all.

  2. Well done Bron!
    I'm looking forward to show n tell on Friday - orange with a hint of black & a dash of lace is your colour!

  3. Adorable! Makes me look at my clothes with a different eye!

  4. You did a great job with your cardigan reinvention. The orange and black look great together and now you have a new fresh look to wear now it's getting cooler. xx

  5. Bron, your cardi is so unique and inventive. I'm sure you will get lots of comments on it when you wear it out and about.

  6. Making a cardi out of the jumper makes it so much more versatile. Great job!

  7. Yeees, this gets a big thumbs up the bold colour combo...

    Can't wait to see what's next.

    Have a super weekend,

    Claire x


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