Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Creative Space

 I am taking a few liberties this week as my trusty companion sewing machine is in for a well over due service.
My creative space here is going to take a very exciting shot by the end of next week ....I will let you know some more soon.

Anyway back to this week.......

My hubbie completed for me a crazy idea I had in my head......

 I wanted an inspiration type board that I could change at my whim and display any number of different items that took my fancy.....

 I had the idea that I wanted it made from a wood frame and "chicken wire" so that I could "peg" my items onto the board.....
"chicken wire" wasn't allowed but we found this mini mesh and I am so pleased with it.......
 It is hung in a passage way and is about 1.8 metres long . I am not finished playing around with the first lineup of display items.......
I did find a mothers day card I made my mum when I was 5 , so I have hung that along with some really cool photos of my mum as a teenager........

This space will change regularly with treasures I have stored all over my house........

but thanks does go to my clever hubbie who took my crazy idea and made a lovely piece for my "creative space " this week.

Other equally creative people can be found here.


  1. Bron what a fantastic idea....well done to both you and your hubby.

    Love they keys hanging from it.

    How much fun are you going to have changing the display?

    Claire x

  2. Love it, love it, love it xxx

  3. Clever husbandido for building it, clever you for dreaming it Bron. It looks fantastic.

  4. What a fantastic idea! You are so very clever I want one in my sewing room... Oh wait... My soon to be married son is still in there, I guess I have to wait until September lol, but I can see my sewing room now. I am happy he is getting married buy sad he is leaving. I am happy I get a sewing room but sad at the same time. Happy sad, Happy sad, oh boy I need some chips

  5. Oh that is gorgeous! What a great idea, using mesh.
    And so impressive you have a card from when you were 5!!!

  6. i love your board, what a great idea :)


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