Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Creative Space

 My Creative Space this week.....

While away last weekend I managed to knit up all the parts for 4 more of these little guys.......

 But what I am really excited about is the preparation I have have been doing for FRIDAY

.....I have been gathering new sewing supplies 
........... I have been gathering potential garments
 ....making sure I have a rainbow of threads.
.....contemplating whether I will need some of my doily stash.
 ...or even some of my vintage linen stash.......


I am spending the next eight Fridays with this talented lady...

I am nervous but really excited at what I will learn. 
Now I just need my sewing machine returned by tomorrow from being serviced!

Other creative people here.


  1. You look very organised Bron - if in doubt put it in anyway....if we haven't got it we can't play with it.

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. x

  2. Oh you'll have so much fun Bron, can't wait to see what you come up with! What a lovely thing to do for yourself.

  3. OH that looks like an awesome time to be had! Looking forward to seeing what you learn in the coming weeks! Love the use of the old beauty case! Superb sewing supplies case! lol

  4. wow look at all that loveliness!! looks like you are going to be getting up to a lot of creating!!

  5. I can tell you're excited, what are you going to make? Enjoy your Friday creating I be you'll have a great time:) xx

  6. I am totally jealous!!!
    You deserve it too, have a wonderful time xx

  7. Sounds exciting! Lovely sewing stash.


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