Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do You Read?

 Are you a reader?
Do you read every day?
Are you a book or magazine reader?

Do you use an e-reader or are you a die hard book person?

I love to read always have...just don't always make the time ...

I have made it a personal goal to read consistently this year. I am keeping a list of my read books on the side bar ....
My latest finished read is this one.....

What a great inspirational read this was......loads of great advice and encouragement to tackle life head on and make the most of what we have.....

Now...what to read next.....

I have a book on order at the library so maybe it will be the next on my list.


  1. I am such a real book girl! I use the kindle on my iPad to sample and then I shop book depository or fishpond for the cheapest. I like doggy earing books, and smelling them, and writing in the margin...

  2. Oh and p.s. that boom looks really great and inspiring...I'll be sampling it ASAP!

  3. I love to read! But I do not make much time while I am at home to read, I do however have a lot of books on cd and listen to them as I work. I drive for a Laboratory for a living and it gets boring so a good book is one that I am always looking for. Love your list. There is one that I would love to read in your list I will have to see if I can find it here.

  4. For Mother's day two of my children gave me husband has a photo of me whilst on holidays asleep still holding a book. Book Nerd !!
    I have just finished The Book Thief
    The Help, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,and the first in a series by an Australian Author Joy Dettman called Pearl in a Cage.(great read)
    I love reading true stories and always inspired by peoples determination against the odds.
    At present reading Life in his Hands,story about neurosurgeon Charlie Teo.
    And of coarse books on travel, food,gardening...........
    Happy reading!!

  5. i saw this post linked from a more recent one and I recognised Nick immediately. His mum is an old friend of mine and whilst I haven't seen him for many years I knew him well as a young child. Truly an inspiration


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