Monday, May 28, 2012

Another LITTLE Number....

Well here I am again......  I never intended to be in front of the camera so much in fact I would rather be taking the photos but I am having so much fun with my love of sewing and now playing around with the reinventing of garments, that I would love to inspire you to do the same.

Jody has certainly unleashed a beast.....
So yesterday saw me at the machine again in between morning and night church attending.....

Remember these pants of mine? I made a skirt with them....

Well while in the op shop looking for the next unsuspecting victim I found another pair in my size......

This time I went for a little dress........

 That's it ....the only ingredient in this dress was those pants.......

oh and a felt flower broach I already had and a doily, of course from my stash......
 I lashed out and picked up some boots on sale and even braved wearing some pattern stockings.....
Oh I am feeling ever so brave in my older age!!!! 

 I am linking up with JaM ( Just a moment) - with something I have created and bought 


  1. How the heck did you make a pair of pants into a dress!

  2. You're a Star Bron - so lovely to see you take the concept of REinventing and run with it.

    Thankyou for joining JaM this week. x

  3. As my kids would say "you're on fire!"

  4. Bron, that dress is AMAZING!!! I really do love it and have seen those style of pants dozens of times while thrifting.
    You certainly have inspired me no end to try a few pieces myself :)

  5. love love LOVE, and the patterned tights and boots are awesome :) you funky mumma you!

  6. I Love it! You do such a great job!

  7. you look gorgeous!!!!
    I am amazed at this! I ask the same as Gayle! How the heck did you do that!

  8. but you know what? I think that dress needs a different brooch ; )


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