Monday, May 7, 2012

The Good Oil

 Last week I received some mail from contained something for me to try out......
Now I get to write this product talk and tell you what I think.....

Dove's Nutri -Oil Serum

I was a little hesitant about putting an oil serum in my hair at first.
I have very normal hair...not oily not dry..yes it is coloured and yes I put wax and gel in there too.....but..
Really I am a no fuss kind a gal with my hair...I like it short and styled the quickest way possible.

So I thought lets give it a go.....

Hey it is pretty good.....I have been applying it to my newly wet hair and it goes in really easily and definitely no oily residue once my hair is dry.
The added bonus is that it leaves your hands really lovely too from rubbing it into the hair.

I am not sure how I am supposed to avoid my roots as directed on the bottle when there is not much distance from the roots to the ends....

 but so far it is something I will keep up....

No need to rinse out means no extra steps to worry about.....natural coconut and almond oil in my hair {and on my hands } can't be all that bad either.

My short hair means that a little will go a long way.....

Thanks Nuffnang and Dove for organising the review.


  1. This stuff sounds PERFECT for my Kendyls long often tangled locks... keeping them oiled will help I'm sure!

  2. I might give this a go - I am using moroccan oil at the moment and it breaks the bank!


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