Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are you watching???

So are you watching????

We set our alarms for 3.30am this morning to watch the Opening Ceremony.....I got out and went to wake the little guy......he was adamant that we watched it.....

I couldn't wake him...

so I went back to bed and we watched the replay at 12.30pm...... 
 We have just this moment discovered that we can get some use out of our 3D function on the screen......This could be an interesting couple of weeks....

Hey how exciting one of my former students is running for his life and country...

well I taught him in his very early years...
So I'll be watching out for him.....

Are you planning on watching?

What are you wanting to see?

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!!!!!!


  1. Crazy setting your alarm, if I'd realized it was on at that time we could have watched as we were doing the administration of painkillers at 3.30 am but didn't so went back to bed.

  2. Hey Bron, I watched the replay at 2pm this afternoon.....

    Gotta say that it wasn't a patch on the opening at the Sydney Olympics but hey I'm biased.
    Good on you London........go Aussies and yes I was very proud of local girl Lauren Jackson carrying the flag.

    Will be keeping an eye on the swimming and the track events......

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire x

  3. We knew there would be a replay but the kids wanted to see it - they were up at 5.30 and we dragged ourselves out at 6am...we had a speccie breakie and had gold and green iced doughnut for morning tea - well the kids did!

    I am not that into the sports but i love the opening ceremonies and it was wonderful to seeing the Brits glowing to David Bowie's Heroes!

    Must say I was a bit disappointed with all the cameras brandished by the Aussie team and how they moved out - they looked like a bunch outside a nightclub awaiting entry. A bit more dignity could of been exercised like the other countries.

  4. we watched the opening and have now spent the whole day watching all sorts of sport. Awesome way to spend Sunday

  5. Wow you're all very keen to get up early:) I slept through the opening ceremony and I didn't end up getting a chance to watch the replay sadly but I do know there has already been and will be lots of Olympic watching here. That's exciting knowing someone in the games even if her was only young when you taught him:) xx


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